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Pierre Giusti - LMMalta creative ambassador

Pierre Giusti

As a self-taught artist, Pierre Giusti has held numerous exhibitions to date, mainly solo presentations, both in Malta and Germany. Working primarily with acrylic on canvas, his artworks are held in private and corporate collections throughout Europe, the United States and other countries. His art is contemporary and stylized, with entire collections inspired by the prehistoric temples of the Maltese islands. In the last few years, besides developing his artistic style on original canvases, Pierre has also been focused on creating a commercial sideline of high quality souvenirs in the form of hand-signed artistic prints, post cards, t-shirts and other products which are all inspired by our Maltese megalithic heritage. In 2010, he successfully launched his personal gallery. Pierre is a true creative mind who strives to give means of expression to his soul through his art.

More information about Pierre may be found on: http://www.pierregiusti.com/


Pierre Giusti’s “A glance beyond reality"

An exhibition of Paintings in acrylic on canvas by our LM100Malta Member Pierre Giusti will be exhibited at Malta Enterprise between the 10th May and the 10th of June from 08.00 and 16.45hrs ( excl. Public Holidays)

The artist himself describes what art means to him.


Creating something original can be done in many ways. It is also very possible to learn different methods and techniques and one can certainly make an enormous effort to achieve a specific result. The outcome of such an endeavour may be useful, accurate and even pleasing to the eye but if it doesn’t stir your emotions then it doesn’t fall into the realm of art. True art comes from within. It is an expression of the subconscious mingled with conscious dedication and a dose of sheer talent.  An honest artist will always admit that he didn’t have complete control over what he created. It is in fact this “Je ne sais quoi ?” that makes a work of art special and that keeps you mesmerized and interested in its beauty, inspiration and message.

From an early age I found myself drawn to pencil and paper, though not to write. Paper wasn’t in fact paper to me; it was my canvas. Leaving a clean white sheet unadorned seemed like a waste of time and so I sketched and copied and practiced and then practiced some more. My first obsession was comic book superheroes and I worked my way to the point of creating my own characters and full blown comic books with storylines and all. My only regret is that I did not keep any of them on my voyage to adulthood. Then came the paints and the burst of colour that changed everything. Oddly enough I never directed myself to the door of any school of art. Something always told me to just go it alone and not be ordered what to do or how to do it. It would be the paint that told me what to do, not a person, and that would be accompanied by my feelings and desires. So I painted.  I tried oil paints but got impatient. I then tried acrylic paint and fell in love with it. To this day I have used this medium and have strived to push it to its limits and to make it obey me. That is much simpler said than done, for like I mentioned, an artist is never fully in control of the outcome. Sometimes I beat my chest with pride of control and sometimes I swear at the control the paint has over me. I’m sure that if I did ever feel like the medium wasn’t challenging I would get bored and stop painting. It doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen.

The Impossible Dream

The subject matter of my art is a completely different story. It has changed in phases. The last few years have seen me focus more and more on the same theme as I work towards making it my own. The theme is our Maltese megalithic heritage, but like the cliché of quoting Frank Sinatra...... “I’ll do it my way. “  I’m not interested in painting exactly what I actually see. I’d rather leave that kind of work to the photographers of the world. Nor, so far, have I been properly grasped by the thought of painting abstracts, though I do have to admit that it is becoming more appealing to me as time progresses. I want the viewer to recognise what he’s looking at but I also want him to see my dreams and feel the warmth that my imagination gives me. I want to play and perfect my talent of putting my thoughts on canvas. I want to create my own world. I also want it to be beautiful.  

The things that interest me are textures and intricate patterns mixed with clean lines and bold shapes. The more complex the thoughts get, the more I try to use or create new techniques to achieve the visuals that match the images in my mind. The amount of time I can spend in front of a canvas before I put one more splash or brushstroke of paint is often ridiculous. The seemingly carefree splashes and strokes are often the result of intense concentration. Many people ask me if I’d be going home to paint and relax and I turn around to them and ask them why they take it for granted that my painting relaxes me. It does, for sure, but it is also often very stressful.  I’m often tense while I’m creating something that looks flowing and effortless. I feel it is this tension, mingled with the beauty that I strive to achieve, which works to create an atmosphere of mystery.

She Woke Up In The Night

The greatest compliment I have had so far:

“There’s something different about your works of art but I just can’t put my finger on it!”

Thankfully, more than one person said almost exactly the same thing.  And that, ladies and Gentlemen, is the point of it all and where I feel I begin to have control.


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